Untapped Potential

Women are a powerful force in the global economy, with significant untapped business potential. The demand for elevated financial experiences designed for women is growing.

1 %

of household buying decisions worldwide are made or influenced by women.

1 %

of women globally are unsatisfied with their banking services.

1 %

of the world’s businesses are owned or operated by women.
(World Bank)

1 %

of women’s businesses in emerging economies have unmet credit needs. 

A Path to Prosperity

Our Win-Win Approach

Financial Alliance for Women members make the business case for women’s economic advancement with their own success stories. We help them drive profits and grow their programs through three key platforms.

Investing in women:
Smart for companies, smart for countries

The Financial Alliance for Women has a strong international presence, with dozens of members working to champion the female economy and fuel transformation around the world. Our members are being recognized for their leadership role in driving the industry and society as a whole forward, all while growing their businesses in a sustainable way.

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One Woman at a Time

Our members are helping women create and control more wealth in their home countries. Read some of their success stories.

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