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Westpac is the oldest bank in Australia. It provides consumer, business and institutional banking services along with wealth management, wealth administration and insurance services throughout the Asia Pacific region. The bank has recognized the potential of the Women’s Market for more than 15 years, and Meeting women’s unique needs as customers, employees and leaders has become a key differentiator for Westpac.

About Helene

test After being educated in the United States and France and working as part of the Nobel Prize-winning team working to identify the presence of WMD in Iraq, Helene Nasr received a call from the Lebanese government asking if she could assist them in designing a system to stop radioactive materials from entering the country. She set up her company, Scitek, shortly thereafter, leaving her well-paid job and becoming an entrepreneur.

When she wanted to expand her company, she reached out to her bank, BLC, which offered her press coverage through their communications team and feedback on how best to grow. They also were able to provide her with contacts outside of Lebanon, which Nasr said has given her a great network.

About the Award

She was named the bank’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 – an award BLC gives out each year as part of its Brilliant Lebanese Awards program – for her work to protect the Lebanese border from radioactive incursion with a state-of-the-art border monitoring solution. Winning the award gave her company an additional boost.

“Winning the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award [gave] the company the visibility it needed to start expanding,” Nasr said. “My goal is to open various offices around the Middle East.”

Nasr said the primary advice she would give to aspiring women entrepreneurs is to take it slow.

“Get experience and find the right opportunities. You can’t just jump into it,” she said.


Established in 1817, the Westpac Group was the first bank and company in Australia. The Group has six brands serving 12 million customers.

The Westpac Group is ranked in the top 5 listed companies by market capitalization on the Australian Securities Exchange Limited (ASX), with a market capitalization of AUD$95.5 billion (as of March 31, 2014).

The Westpac Retail and Business Bank (RBB) serves 6.1 million customers across 852 branches and 71 business centers.

In Westpac RBB 2.1 million female primary account holders contribute AUD $1.55 billion in annualized revenue.


  • 99

    Customer Served

  • 3.5m

    Portfolio to Women

  • 88

    Savint to Women

  • 2.3m

    Women Served by Non-financial products

“I see becoming the Bank of Choice for Women as a long-term strategy
integral to our core business, not just an add-on.”

Larke Riemer
Director of Women's Markets, Westpac