Letter from Inez: April 2022

Thursday 26th May 2022

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Spotlight on: Data Driving Purpose

We’re delighted to announce that we will finally be able to reconvene in person at our annual Summit. The event, hosted by NatWest, will take place in London during Nov. 2-3. Attendance is by invitation only, and Alliance members will be prioritized. We’ll also live stream the event on a world-class virtual platform to reach our wider global audience and support them in learning, sharing and continuing to build their own strategies for championing the female economy. Please mark your calendars, and we’ll share the registration link next month.

We are so grateful to NatWest for hosting us and to CEO Alison Rose for being our keynote. Alison has led with purpose and has demonstrated the value of doing so to the bank’s bottom line.

During the Summit we’ll be exploring purposeful leadership and its impact on supporting the female economy and operationalizing climate action, as well as the latest technologies and fintechs that are driving full financial inclusion, among other topics. We’ll wrap up with a policy forum on enabling female entrepreneurship at the Houses of Parliament, which will give us the chance to witness advocacy in practice.

We will also explore how having the right data is one of the critical pillars of purposeful leadership. The UK’s Investing in Women Code is a tremendous model of how reporting data on financing for women business owners drives conversations and action among ecosystem stakeholders at the national level.

This month, we’ve also collated the main findings from our work on gender data in six other countries: Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Honduras and Turkey. We’re publishing the full results of our diagnostics in Turkey now, with the others to come in the next month. These markets are demonstrating remarkable leadership and agreeing that quality sex-disaggregated data on the supply of financial services to women is needed to drive policy and more private sector involvement.

Getting and using that data can be complicated for Financial Services Providers (FSPs), and so the Alliance, in partnership with Data2X, is fielding our first ever Data Learning Series: Gender Data Driving Business Decisions. The learning series will take place online during the month of June and will be open to all Alliance members and FSPs in each of the six countries.

This month, we also extend a warm welcome to our newest tech member, Mosabi. This B2B2C edtech partners with financial institutions to support customers in building their financial and business capabilities. Working with 24 financial services providers to reach informal business owners across Africa in more than fifteen languages, it has seen impressive results so far. Please tune in to the video interview with Chris Czerwonka, founder and CEO, who shares his vision for how the organization will solve the financing gap for women.

Please also tune in to our next Fintech Friday session, taking place May 6, during which 3 leading fintechs will share how they’ve designed their sales funnel to be gender intelligent. This is the first of three Fintech Fridays in 2022 that are focused on designing gender-intelligent fintechs. Sessions are open to everyone; sign up here.

Last, but by no means least, we share the latest endeavors and accomplishments of our members and stakeholders in our network member news roundup.

We thank you all for your extraordinary work and continued support of our Alliance.

In community,

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