Growing the Female Economy

We leverage our collective voice to advocate for desired policy change and spread the word about the value of the female economy.

In 2014, the Financial Alliance for Women, Data2X and the Inter-American Development Bank joined forces in the Women’s Financial Inclusion Data (WFID) partnership. The IFC, the World Bank Group, the International Monetary Fund and the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) joined the partnership in 2016. The WFID partnership seeks to increase awareness across ecosystem actors about the critical need for more and better sex-disaggregated data for women’s financial inclusion, publishing multiple reports making the case for this data, mapping the main challenges, offering solutions to overcome them and seeking to spur action on its collection and use. The most recent of these is “The Way Forward: How Data Can Propel Full Financial Inclusion for Women.”

Under the 2018 G20 presidency of Argentina, the Financial Alliance for Women co-chaired the W20 Financial Inclusion sub-group, alongside AFI. The W20 is the official G20 engagement group dedicated to promoting gender inclusiveness and gender equality as an integral part of the G20 process. As co-chair of Financial Inclusion, the Alliance acted as a knowledge/content partner to support the financial inclusion workstream, including working to further establish the business case for commercial actors to target the Women’s Market. The co-chairs also collaborated on policy analysis and recommendations, and participated in W20 events throughout the year.

Beyond this work, our impact can be seen in the success of the women customers our members have supported. These are some of their stories.