About the 2021 Summit

The Annual Summit is the Alliance’s flagship event and one of the world’s foremost knowledge exchanges that focuses on what institutions can do to champion the female economy. At the Summit, participants learn directly from practitioners and subject matter experts, share best practices on how to tap the female economy, and discuss the latest innovations and approaches that are having a real impact on women and on the companies that serve them. 
The Summit is attended by commercial banks, fintechs, insurance companies, payment companies, investors, VCs, asset managers, telcos, as well as thought leaders, policymakers and development finance specialists
Pre-pandemic the Summit was held in person, and in 2020 and 2021 it went online, enabling us to significantly increase our reach, however, with the downside of not being able to meet in person and missing the human connection. With that in mind, the Summit 2022 will be a hybrid event, taking place in person November 2 and 3 in London, hosted by Alliance member NatWest and also be live streamed online so that a wider global audience can attend.
The 1 1/2-day event will be packed with thought provoking discussions, new know-how, lively debate and engaging, interactive sessions both offline and online. We will focus on areas that drive value to our members and their stakeholders and showcase effective solutions from the world of financial services and beyond. The 2022 Summit will explore topics that are critical to enable inclusive growth for women and build sustainable economies:
  1. Purposeful Leadership: leading CEOs share building their businesses with purpose
  2. Orchestrating female-friendly entrepreneurial and fintech ecosystems
  3. Gender data driving business decisioning
  4. What women’s markets strategies teach us about climate action
  5. Gender intelligent fintech and DFS design 
  6. Technology at the service of financial inclusion: e-payments, cryptocurrencies and the rise of neo-banks.
On the second afternoon, participants will gather at the UK All Party Parliamentary Committee on Women and Enterprise in Westminster, to discuss the latest policy levers as part of the UK Investing In Women Code to support a female friendly entrepreneurial ecosystem in the UK. This will act as a model for other countries to emulate.
Detailed information on the Annual Summit 2022 will be announced soon. Stay tuned to our social media channels and watch your inbox for details.